Best Golf Stretches For You

When it comes to getting warmed up for a round of golf, having a solid routine of golf stretches can actually be the difference between a decent round of golf, and an a great one.  While you may or may not choose to warm up on the practice range beforehand, taking a few minutes to go though a golf specific stretching routine can arguably help you warm up for the first hole better then hitting a few practice balls.

However, don’t expect to see results just by doing a couple of hamstring and arm stretches on the first tee box.  If you want the best golf stretches for you, you need to work through several and see what leaves you feeling the best.  The best approach is to review the link below and find a good 10 minute routine that suits your physical ability and works the muscles you struggle to warm up in the first few holes of a round.

Once you have determined the best golf stretches for you, plan to arrive early enough before your next round of golf to run through your routine and see if you notice a difference in how you feel and how you play throughout the round.

As with anything fitness related, do not do anything that causes unnecessary pain.  Stretching is a great way to help prevent injury, but if not executed correctly, they can also lead to injury.  Not exactly what you want when you are teeing it up on the first hole!

For more golf stretching tips, check out The Shark’s golf stretching routine here,

Golf Stretching Routine

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