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Hey, it’s Friday!  So why not start talking about drinking beer ;).  For those that have never heard of beer pong let me give you a bit of a background.

Beer pong, typically played in a college setting (but certainly not limited to that), requires a minimum of two players, several beers (preferably the “chuggable” kind), a few solo cups, and a ping pong ball.  You will also need a place to arrange the cup.  Ping pong tables work well, as do kitchen tables (just sayin’).  The way it works is both teams on opposite ends of the table but facing each other, set up their cups in a triangle/pyramid fashion so there is one cup in front, two cups behind that one, three behind the two, and so on so it looks like this.

beer pong
Then you fill each cup with a desired amount of beer.  Typically only about an inch or two, but can be more depending on how fast you are looking to tie one on.  Then each team takes turns throwing the ping pong ball, trying to land it in a cup of the opposite teams.  If they succeed, the other team whose cup just had the ball land in it, must drink the beer and remove the cup from play.  This is done until one team successfully eliminates the other teams cups.  When this happens the losing team must also drink the remaining cups from the winning team… Great drinking game really.

Now, to make things more interesting, I just came across this ingenious idea of using pitchers instead of cups and real golf balls in place of ping pong balls.  Then just grab your favorite wedge and start chipping shots at your opponents beer.  I am not sure the loser should have to drink an entire pitcher, but you get the idea.  This seems like a great golf drinking game, and who knows, maybe beer pong golf might just become the next PGA tailgating event!  Not sure the PGA really has a tailgating scene, but this could help get it started.  However, beer pong golf will likely not help your golf game much..

You can read more about beer pong golf at Happy Friday!

Beer Pong Golf

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