Course Management For Lower Golf Scores

We’ve all heard of the concept of “course management” and how having a good grasp on to play shot to shot around a golf course can lead to better scores and lower handicaps.  However, most golfers still struggle with two aspects of good golf course management.

First, they simply do not fully understand what it means to manage their game from shot to shot.  They tee the ball up, and start playing their way to the hole, just trying to get there in as few shots as possible.  Often times this leads to hitting drives as far as possible and hoping for the best, ending up 50-60 yards out from the green with a difficult “in between clubs” shot, and of course the dreaded short siding themselves green side.

The second aspect that golfers struggle with is having an understanding of course management, yet jumping ship from their game plan when they get into trouble.  This is where one mistake can quickly lead to another and end up with the snowman or worse on the card.  If you are a golfer who’s game has progressed to the point where you are methodically thinking about each shot you take, where your ball will end up and what that result will leave you for your next shot. then you should also recognize the importance of “taking your medicine” as so many like to say.  If your golf ball deviates from your management plan, the best thing to do is find the easiest and safest (typically the same shot) way to get your ball back on the line you had drawn out in your mind.

I know, it sounds so easy.  But it really does not need to be as hard as so many make it out to be.  Each hole you play, think about where your ideal next shot would be played from and why.  If you answer the why, and it makes sense, take the shot.  If your not sure, rework the plan until you are.  Just like the pros, you need to commit to each shot you take or you just increase the likelihood of a less then favorable swing and outcome.

If you are a golfer who struggles with good golf course management, you might find the following article useful, I know I sure have.  The point that really resonated with me, is to always play two shots ahead.  this goes back to thinking about where your next shot will be played form and why.  The next time you play a round of golf, try utilizing some of these tips for effective course management on the golf course.  Even for just a hole or two, I think you will notice a difference in how you play, and eventually how you score.

How to Score Better Through Proper Golf Course Management

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