play good golf in bad weather

Chances are good, if you are an avid golfer you have probably played your share of rounds in less then favorable weather.  While it has been argued that a bad day on the golf course is still better then a good day at work (I am not always sure that is true in general), when bad weather sets in that becomes even more questionable.

However, if you love the game you are probably not going to let a little rain or cold weather keep you from teeing it up.  So the best thing to do is be prepared and understand some key aspects for playing good golf in bad weather.

First, and foremost, you must have the right attitude. If you go out on the golf course on a cold and rainy day and expect to have the same shots, the same lies, etc., as a sunny day in the middle of summer, you are not going to have very much fun.  You have to change your attitude, and your expectations.   Can you have great rounds of golf in the rain?  Of course, but as you know golf is a mental game and therefore you need to be in the right mindset going into it.

Second, you need to be prepared.  This goes for golf in the summer to golf in the winter.  The weather on a golf course can change in a matter of minutes.  As you may have seen, it can be bright and sunny with barely a cloud in the sky on #1, and then by #9 you are either running for the club house or breaking out the rain gear while the sky opens up and pours, snows, hails… you get the picture.  Having a good, golf specific, rain jacket is just the beginning.  I say “golf specific” because it is important to have a layer like that be as non restrictive as possible to allow for your natural swing to comfortably be executed.  In addition, you might also want some rain pants, a hat, and even a pair (yes, pair) of those rain gloves that actually increase grip the wetter they become.  Having a good pair of waterproof golf shoes is also essential and should be worn rain or shine as you just never know where a round of golf might take you 😉  Of course, most of these items are just for the rainy days.  Mother nature is notorious for serving up much worse.  Fog, wind, hail, snow, you name it.  But having the right clothes and equipment can be essential to playing better golf in bad weather.

Another tip I really like is to be sure and dry your club face before each shot.  Water can find its way into the groves and lead to flyers and other issues.

The bottom line, if you plan to play a lot of golf, you are going to find some bad weather along the way.  However, if you have the right attitude, the right expectations, and the right equipment you might just surprise yourself not only with how much you can still enjoy the game, but also how well you can play.  Also don’t forget to check the weather before hand!

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