better golf practice

When you go to the driving range to warm up for a round of golf, do you have a particular routine that you complete?  For many golfers, they begin with a sand wedge or pitching wedge and then slowly move down their irons to their fairway woods, and eventually their driver.

In some cases this makes sense.  Swinging a club like your pitching wedge or sand wedge is a great way to warm up your body without putting too much stress on your muscles.  However, where many golfers go wrong is by hitting ball after with the same club until they hit a few they like.  Often times this can mean hitting 10+ shots with a 9 iron or 5 shots with a 7 iron.

The problem with this approach is that when you are on the course you do not have an opportunity to hit 5 or 10 shots until you get one you like.  Instead you have to hit one and hope for the best.

The remedy?  Simple.  The next time you are at the driving range, and have properly warmed up.  Practice taking shots with a different club on each swing.  This will help you stay more focused and lead to more consistent golf shots when you tee it up.  Another good practice tip is to play the first couple of holes in your mind while on the range.  This essentially offers the same benefit, and can also work on helping you better visualize your golf shots when you are actually out on the golf course.

Here’s a great write up from Golf Digest on this very topic:

You’ve been practicing golf all wrong, and there’s science to prove it

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