Fastest Way To Lower Your Handicap


If you are reading this, you are like most golfers out there who are interested in finding the best, most efficient ways to lower their golf handicap.  While all golfers know that to be better at the game you have to put your time in and practice, most just simply do not think they have the time it takes on a regular basis to take their game to the next level.

It has been said that if your golf game improves, you are neglecting something else in your life.  While this is more or less true, that can also be said for just about anything.  However, there are some ways you can become more efficient in how you practice the game, and how focusing on a few key areas can offer the greatest gain in terms of lowering your handicap.

So many golfers out there feel that if they can just put the ball in play with their driver, they will set themselves up for a good chance for a low score.  While it is important to put your golf ball in play off the tee, it really is not usually critical to hit the ball 250-300 yards.  If you can, and consistently put the ball in the fairway, good for you!  Keep it up. If you grip it and rip it each time off the tee, but your ball spends more time out of bounds then in play, try using a 3 wood, or even a 5 iron and see if that helps.  There are a lot of suggestions out there that recommend playing a round of golf with a 7 iron, a wedge and putter – many say they often have some of there best rounds when only playing with these 3 clubs. Why do your think that is?

Obviously, you are not going to play a round of golf with your buddies and only bring 3 clubs, but you probably get the idea.

If you are serious about lowering your handicap, and want to make sure you are spending your valuable time as effectively as possible, check out these 15 proven tips for lowering your handicap.  The article is full of great information on what aspects to practice and when.  It also breaks down the time you spend on each facet of the game during a typical round.  That information is important when trying to decide where your practice time is best spent.

15 proven tips for lowering your handicap



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