50 yard bunker shot

How many times have you hit your golf ball into a sand bunker that is not quite green side, and not quite considered a fairway bunker.  You know, the 40, 50, 60 yard sand shot.

To often, high handicap golfers will play a sand wedge and swing as hard as they possibly can to try and advance the ball to the green.  While this can work, such a positive outcome rarely happens.  Like most swings in golf, the harder you go at the ball, the less likely you are going to make the contact you are looking for.  Swinging as hard as you can while in a sand trap is really no different.  The two most probable outcomes are 1) hitting the golf ball fat and taking way too much sand (quite possibly not even advancing your ball out of the bunker), or 2) catching the ball thin and sending a 100+ yards over the green.  Both are likely going to add strokes to your card.

The fact of the matter is, hitting a 50 yard sand shot is really pretty easy.  With the right golf swing, the right golf club, and a little practice, you might just be surprised how easy the shot can be.  Here are a few helpful tips to help you the next time you are facing a 50 yard sand shot.

How To Play A 50 Yard Sand Shot


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