Playing Golf In Cold Weather

As we enter into the fall and winter seasons, temperatures are beginning to fall gradually week by week.  For many this may mean hanging up the clubs for the season.  However, for the die hard golfers this just means it’s time to start playing golf in cold weather.

Fall, and early winter can be a great time to get out on the course as there are typically a lot less people out playing which means you can either get a round in much faster, or play more golf in the same amount of time it may take in the busy summer months.

However, if you plan to play golf in cold weather, you need to be sure you are prepared.  Two of the most important aspects to cold weather golf are 1) making sure you dress appropriately, and 2) make sure you are properly warmed up before your round.

Wearing the right clothes is essential to enjoying a day of cold weather golf.  It is important to layer up so that you can shed layers as the temperature and your body heat up throughout the day and round.  Capiliene or long underwear can be perfect if it’s going to be cold all day.  Winter hats and gloves or mittens can also be a good idea (particularly in between shots).

Before you start a round of golf in cold weather, be sure and do some light stretching to get your body warmed up.  Hitting a few balls on the practice range can also help warm you up and prepare you for the opening hole, which can often times be the hardest with cold muscles.

Here are a few more great tips for playing golf in cold weather,

Golf Tips: Playing Golf In Cold Weather

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